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We are a small, popular design studio specializing in blog design, blog templates, themes and headers. More specifically, we design for the Blogger and WordPress platforms. We are experienced, passionate designers who will work with you one on one to create a design that is not only visually appealing, but also affordable.  You could describe our work as colorful, unique, professional and creative. If that describes you or your business, contact us today!

Blog Templates

We also have cute & inexpensive premade templates for sale in our shop. Take a look, we’re sure you’ll love them!

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Delicious Design Studio is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are a group of professional designers & coders who will work with you one on one, to create a design that you love. Once we start working on your project, we’ll send you design ideas, plans, sketches, or moodboards based on your indications and desires, then we’ll send you mockups that will be modified according to your feedback, until your final approval of the design. Then the coding phase will start and your design will be tested either on your server or on one of our test sites. During the testing we’ll introduce the final changes and tweaks, until you’re satisfied with the result. We look forward to creating a delicious design for you!

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Why should I choose Delicious Design Studio for my design needs?
Glad you asked! Everything that we create is totally customized to your specifications. We will work closely with you to build a design that is both attractive, functional, and easy to use… not to mention, delicious! We keep up to date on all the latest design trends, which allows us to create a hip, and modern site for you.

I know you work with WordPress and Blogger, but what about TypePad?
We can create a header for your TypePad blog if you have a TypePad Plus or Pro account.

Which programs do you use?
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium:
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Corel Paint Shop Pro PhotoX2

Are you available for support after my design has been installed?
You are free to email us anytime you have a question or problem with your design, we may not always be able to respond but we will try our best. All customizations however, come with a maintenance fee after the design has been installed.

If you customize a template for me, will it be one that can used with the new Blogger beta?
All of Delicious Design Studio’s Templates are made for Blogger Beta, unless specified.

Will my blogger template still have the widget page under layout that I can add and change things around?
All of your widgets are customizable, and visible. You can add links to your blogroll, you can add and remove widgets, and anything you’d like.

I like to change the look of my blog often to fit the holidays etc. Will I be able to change the color on my own or is that something you have to do?
If you are familiar with color codes, you can change the font colors and link colors on your own. I can give you a list of sites with color codes on them. This will have to be done under the “Edit HTML” instead of “fonts and colors”.

Ready to begin?

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Website Design

Having a website for a small business is one of the key ingredients to being successful online. We understand the importance of having a website that says it all. Your website is the hub of all your online activity. You need something that says “Hey! Look at me!” and will also allow you to display all your information to those visiting your website. We can provide you with a beautiful website design that will interest your readers.

We also believe that the use of blogs in small business sites is equally as important. It is a great way to keep everyone informed of the latest news, new products, events and other updates. You can do so much with a blog!

A well-done blog does two important things for a business web site;
* it makes it easy to add and update content, so there’s always something fresh on the site;
* it helps establish a relationship with visitors and build a climate of trust. Potential customers get to know you and know about your company through your blog.

All of our sites are built using blog platforms, also known as content management systems. You may know them by Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type. Our favorite is WordPress, and for a simple solution, Blogger.

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Premades & Freebies

Delicious Design Studio offers premade & free designs for those who are looking for a quick solution. Keep in mind that these designs are not custom and can be used by other blogs.

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Custom Blog Design

Delicious Design Studio can whip up an inexpensive, finger-lickin’ good design for your blog. Something that will get you excited to blog again, and leave your readers saying “I’m Jealous!”. Hey, its happened. We currently offer services for Wordpress (self-hosted), Blogger (blogspot), Tumblr, and Typepad Pro. We will work with you to create a design that you will love. We can cater to personal or professional blogs.

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E-Commerce Design & Setup

Setting up an online store to sell your products (whether digital or not), could be the best decision you’ve ever made in regards to your business. Having an online presence is so important, your business could benefit greatly from selling products online and we are here to help you! We can help you set up a store, get your own address, design the store for you, add your own products, and more.

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Brand Identity, Other

We also offer more than just Website Design & Blog Design. We can create a brand, a logo, a signature for your business. Something that can be used on your website, blog, business card and more! We’ve even had requests to make our files large enough to be used for a car decal! Anything is possible.

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Welcome to our portfolio! With hundreds of completed blog designs, logos, headers and websites under our belt, we have decided to list a select variety below. You can see more gorgeous designs and headers in our premade blog templates shop. You’ll love them, check them out now!

Platform: WordPress

See more WordPress Themes in an extended portfolio page.

Platform: Blogger

See more Blogspot Templates in an extended portfolio page.

Other (websites, brand identity & more)

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We don’t have a set schedule here at Delicious Design Studio. However, the best way to reach us is by e-mail: infodds at deliciousdesignstudio dot com.  We do try to close up shop for the weekends and will not have access to our e-mail while the office is closed. If you want us to design something for you, please fill out our quote request form!

You can also connect with us via Facebook, find us on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter, view our designs on Flickr and subscribe to our rss feed.

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Need Hosting?

“Out of all the hosting providers that we have worked with.. We have realized that Tiger Technologies is probably the best out there, especially in regards to customer service… which is really important in our book. Shoot them an e-mail and you will get a response the same day, most likely within the hour.” - Delicious Design Studio

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Recommended Platforms?

Blogger: This is an simple solution to your blogging needs. With little to no experience with blogging or coding required, it has just what you need to get you started. You also have the option of using widgets in your sidebar if you are using the newest version of the Blogger platform.

Wordpress: If you’re looking for something that’s a little more advanced and packs a little more punch, Wordpress is the way to go. Between a variety of features and plugins for almost anything, you really can’t go wrong! Like with the new Blogger, our Wordpress themes available with widget support!

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Installing Premades

If you need help with installing your premades, we have created a page with some tutorials for you.

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Note: Please respect the fact that these are free files. Do not redistribute these files or accept money for these files. Do not claim them as your own. All credits must remain intact. If you are a web designer, you may not use our files as a base for other themes. You are not allowed to redistribute these files in any way. We will continue to add more freebies and offer free designs as long as these gestures are not being abused. We have the right to remove these free files, to cancel giveaways, promotionals at any time, if we feel that others are not following along with the rules. With that being said, enjoy the free files, so keep checking back. Thanks :)

Freebie #1: Subtle Stripes (Blogger & WordPress)
This adorable 2 column design is now available both for Blogger and WordPress.


Download Files: Subtle Stripes for Blogger or Subtle Stripes for WordPress
Read: Instructions for installing premades and open the “readme” file. Check out our other premade blog templates.


Freebie #2: Lilac Stitch (WordPress & Blogger)
This lilac & gray stitch 2 column design is now available both for WordPress and Blogger. Here’s a demo site of the new Blogger version.


Download Files: Lilac Stitch for WordPress or Lilac Stitch for Blogger
Unzip the folder. In the folder you will find instructions, font file, the theme folder & TOS.
Read: Instructions for installing premades. Check out our other WordPress themes.

We do not promise support for our freebies, or otherwise themes acquired free of cost.