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Free Blog Headers
Posted by DDS on 30 Jul. Categories: Blog Posts, Design, Freebies | 148 Comments

Have a look at our gorgeous free blog headers! Put your own blog title in them and your blog will stand out! If you use a blog header, let us know! We want to see them in action :) Click the headers for the blank version. Once you see the blank version, right click and […]

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The Importance of Domain Names
Posted by DDS on 27 Jul. Categories: Blog Posts, Information, Useful Tools | 8 Comments

Should you get a domain name for your blog or should you just stick with what you have? Most blogs come with or at the end. Why change that? The most common answer I have for that is, get it before someone else does. Whenever a blog increases in traffic and popularity, the […]

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Tools & Resources
Posted by DDS on 23 Jul. Categories: Blog Posts, Design | 2 Comments

your online color matching toolbox color palette generator need domain name ideas? compare screen type color combo tester More coming soon!

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Average Design Pricing for Blogs & Websites
Posted by DDS on 22 Jul. Categories: Blog Posts, Information, Useful Tools | 2 Comments

After doing some research, I decided to compile an average list of what other professional designers are charging for designs. Although these prices are not an exact reflection of what I charge, it’s nice to get an idea of what others are charging. The average price for a professional custom blog design is $600 – […]

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