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Color Lover
Posted by DDS on 27 Aug. Categories: Blog Posts, Design | 3 Comments

Had a client come to me and ask for something fall related. I was in the mood for some color and came up with this: I got lost somewhere between the rainbow of colors and the chocolate brown background, I was mesmerized. I can’t think of a better way to bring on the autumn weather […]

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My Little Monsters
Posted by DDS on 20 Aug. Categories: Blog Posts, Design | No Comments

A previous client came to me about a quote, and it was only then that I realized since we last spoke.. something major was about to happen. She was going to have triplets! Amazed and picking my jaw up off the computer desk, I gladly accepted and created my little monsters. Love it <3.

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Finding Inspiration in Design Books
Posted by DDS on 12 Aug. Categories: Blog Posts, Design, Inspiration | 2 Comments

I recently bought ‘The New Decorating Book’ from Better Homes & Gardens and as soon as I opened the cover I was inspired by color ideas. Here are a few of my favorite color schemes:

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Firefox 3
Posted by DDS on 01 Aug. Categories: Blog Posts, Useful Tools | 1 Comment

In case you don’t have it, firefox 3 is an amazing browser. With tons of add-ons and features, this browser has by far exceeded my expectations.. not to mention, websites look great in it. Way better than explorer. Give it a try!

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