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Free Blogger & WordPress Designs
Posted by DDS on 27 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Freebies | 6 Comments

We have added 8 free designs to our freebies page for your enjoyment. Among the 8, there is an adorable 3 column blogger design in black & pink, polka dots and stitched border. Also, 7 of the themes are for wordpress (self hosted) blogs, with 3 sidebars on the bottom! Take a look around, enjoy! […]

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A few reasons why I use G-mail.
Posted by DDS on 26 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Design, Freebies, Information, Useful Tools | 1 Comment

You are looking for an e-mail address. Something easy to use and not very complicated, not to mention free. I’ve tried them all. I had hotmail back in the day, and everyone knows, if you don’t log in within a 30 day period, bye bye e-mail and e-mail address. Hotmail is not very reliable not […]

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What’s your blog design style? Take the quiz!
Posted by DDS on 26 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Design | 3 Comments

We have come up with a quiz to help you discover your blog design style. See what you are, below! Quizzes by

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Blog Platforms: What’s the difference?
Posted by DDS on 24 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Information, Useful Tools | 8 Comments

Today, I will be discussing blog platforms., & I will discuss prices, the difference, and how to figure out which is best for you.

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What is a blog? Martha Stewart Explains.
Posted by DDS on 24 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Inspiration, Useful Tools | No Comments

I had a chance to go to the Martha Stewart show in New York for her “Bloggers Show” and I learned so much and even got some tips from Perez Hilton on how to have a successful blog. He receives over 9 million hits a day, any advice he gives me I’m more than happy […]

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Coming Soon!
Posted by DDS on 23 Sep. Categories: Announcements, Blog Posts | 4 Comments

Coming soon to our blog! – How to successfully backup your blog. – Finding your blog design style. – Blog Platforms, the good, the bad, and the best.

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Please Take Our Advice!
Posted by DDS on 10 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Useful Tools | 8 Comments

Back up your blog and back up often! With most blog platforms, you can just export your blog at any time and save it in a folder so that you will always have your entries, comments, etc. I don’t know how many e-mails I get a week from people saying “Help! My blog got erased” […]

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The Best Music to Listen to
Posted by DDS on 06 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Inspiration | 1 Comment

I have found that the best music to listen to when designing is Tycho. I have purchased every one of his cds and the lack of words makes it that much more enjoyable. Try it for yourself.

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