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New Launch: Gourmet Chick
Posted by DDS on 24 Mar. Categories: Projects | No Comments

Gourmet Chick (hosted on has a yummy new design. This project had a few special requests which I will point out below. Here is the snapshot (click for larger version): A few specials details added to this project: – a navigation menu underneath the header – a drop down menu for her categories – […]

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Women Who Know How To Get Something Started in Business
Posted by DDS on 04 Mar. Categories: Features | 1 Comment

Article written in the Huffington Post which mentions Delicious Design.. By: Patricia Handschiegel | Posted March 4, 2009 | 07:36 AM (EST) If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about the new modern women entrepreneurs and executives, it’s that they know how to get something going. Be it party, an event, a great meeting, family gathering, […]

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23 Signs That You’re Becoming a Design Geek
Posted by DDS on 01 Mar. Categories: Information | 3 Comments

I came across this post the other day and found myself shaking my head and agreeing with most of this. Thought I’d share. Learn to spot the warning signs in time – you know you’re becoming a design geek when: You giggle whenever you use the colors F0CCED, EFF0FF and 44DDDD You’re in the sun […]

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