23 Signs That You’re Becoming a Design Geek
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I came across this post the other day and found myself shaking my head and agreeing with most of this. Thought I’d share.

Learn to spot the warning signs in time – you know you’re becoming a design geek when:

  1. You giggle whenever you use the colors F0CCED, EFF0FF and 44DDDD
  2. You’re in the sun and you look around for a Drop Shadow to sit under.
  3. You give your relatives a lecture about color spaces and profiles when you email them your vacation photos.
  4. Seeing someone use Lens Flare or Comic Sans adversely affects your blood-pressure
  5. You maintain a grid system for your refrigerator magnets.
  6. You organise your CD collection according to the Pantone chart.
  7. You sit at work for eight hours straight just looking at your monitor, waiting for a spark of inspiration that doesn’t come.
  8. You’re up ’til 5am because you came up with the best idea ever while brushing your teeth.
  9. The hottest dream you ever had was “Trace contour… Find Edges… Pinch… Extrude… Smudge Stick… Motion Blur…. Sprayed Strokes…”
  10. You know Lorem Ipsum by heart.
  11. Your kid knows Lorem Ipsum by heart.
  12. The preschool teacher complains your child won’t color inside or outside the lines – only indicate colors on a separate sheet.
  13. Activating your entire font collection makes your computer crash – and you’re running OSX.
  14. You deliberately butcher your perfectly cross browser compatible site in IE by placing a “Too Cool for IE” banner on it.
  15. You prefer a Layer Style of 50% Opacity (or less) on your wife’s Satin.
  16. You spend $200 on a font for your personal website because “it’s the only one where the lower-case g is just right…”
  17. Looking at a menu makes you go “hmmm, ITC Baskerville italic” rather than “mmmm, lunch!”
  18. And when you finally order, you go for Layer Based Slices with Grain Texture…
  19. You use words about fonts you dislike that other normal people reserve for fascist dictators and serial killers.
  20. Apple+Z is the first thing that goes through your mind if you drop and break something.
  21. You refer to colleagues as Strict, Transitional, Loose and the Future Unemployed.
  22. You refer to your privates as “the Magic Wand”.
  23. You actually understand this post and pass it on to your friends.

To follow up this article, there is another post with more signs from crestock.com! Enjoy :)

3 Responses to “23 Signs That You’re Becoming a Design Geek”
    Nikki says:

    I love this, though I wish it weren’t written so stereotypically male. Why is it assumed that all good designers are male? GIRL POWER!

    Though I most certainly agree with a lot of this. Especially 7 and 8.

    Funny stuff. As a creative outlet in my spare time I created the design finder directory. It keeps me sane and upcoming designers happy…

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