Blog Design or Rent?
Posted by DDS on 14 Oct. Categories: Blog Posts, Uncategorized 3 Comments

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this economy isn’t in the best of shape. When more houses are going up for sale than ever before. Times are becoming increasingly harder for people. We understand that sometimes you may have to choose between a blog design or paying the rent, and we don’t want that! We would love for you to have both.

With that in mind, we have started a new payment solution and will be lowering our prices to compete with the sad shape this economy is in. Now you can have a beautiful blog and a cozy place to live :)

Very soon, we will also be listing some very affordable (all under $100) ready-made designs in our shop for when you need a design solution right away! For now, there are a few available. Will be adding more as soon as possible.

3 Responses to “Blog Design or Rent?”
    the almost right word says:

    YAY!! More WordPress ready-mades puhhleaaase!!! You know how much I love your stuff, Jess. I check your site almost every day to see if there is anything new!

    you are an innovative girl. great idea…i’m sure that is a huge relief to most clients. :) much love and blessings!

    Sugar says:

    I’d rather pay for blog design, but then my landlord might not be happy about that… That being said, I may have to take you up on that. Check out my site and the two links on the left to my other projects. I want to house them in one WordPress home but not really sure how. Plus, I’d like a cute design like this one you have here… what do you think?

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