Free Blog Design Giveaway for Fall!!!
Posted by DDS on 03 Oct. Categories: Blog Posts, Contests, Freebies 31 Comments

We will be giving away this Fall Blog Design (FOR BLOGGER.COM ONLY) to 2 commentors.

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us why you’d like this design. If you want to comment more than once, you will have to write about it on your blog and show us the link in the comment.

Have fun! Winners will be picked Wednesday, October 8th! Remember: For BLOGGER.COM blogs only.

31 Responses to “Free Blog Design Giveaway for Fall!!!”
    MissB says:

    I love this layout. I also need it because I really can’t figure out how to do the 3 column thing. but mostly ’cause I love it and I love fall :)

    jenniferl says:

    your designs are looking so cool! i love the stamped textured pattern in the header + it has a fun craftster feel to the layout.

    Mandi says:

    I love it cause it’s all my favorite colors! I love Fall with all my heart, and most everything about it!

    Brie says:

    I love it and would love to win it to kick off a new site I’m working on. It is lovely and the colors represent the season beautifully.

    Giovanna Diaries says:

    This is a perfect fall layout. You guys never dissappoint.
    As for second-chancing my entry…..ehhh, I’ll let someone else have the better odds. If I was meant to have it I’ll win. Besides, I’ve written you guys on my blog and recommended you to friends. Even I’m starting to roll my eyes on how much I praise you.
    I’m a DDS groupie. I even read alot of the blogs you designed for.
    I need help.

    I need an autumnal layout…. I mean, it’s fitting – no?

    Kristin says:

    I LOVE this. I live in Maine. Fall is my favorite season! It’s a gorgeous design. I am using one of your free headers right now, but I’d love a full blown blog design.


    Gina says:

    Oh, please please, please- pick me! I just lost my custom layout by pushing buttons I shouldn’t have and a regular old blogger layout just doesn’t cut it anymore!!!!!

    Ami says:

    I love it because it makes me think of fall, which the weather is certainly not doing yet!

    love, love, love this!!! so fun

    ALH says:

    Oh, this is lovely… I like the all caps in the titles and the color palette is awesome for autumn. Yay for you!

    Alias Grace says:

    I love the sense of texture and the colour scheme.

    Natalie says:

    I would love to have the privilege of having this blog design. I’m a quilter and post many of my projects on my blog. I’ve been looking for a design that is cute, crafty, and cool and this fits perfectly. Plus I don’t have the artistic creativity or technological knowledge to come up with something on my own. So please, please, please pick me! Pretty please?

    micaela6955 says:

    This would be great! My blogger design is just plain boring and I don’t have the know how to go in and fix up my blog to give it a different look. Plus, I also live in Maine, and this is a great fall design as the leaves here are really beautiful!

    Rimi says:

    I love the way how the colour compliments each other in the layout. It look so pleasing to the eyes when one really looks at it. I am known quite well to change my blog layout quite frequently cos i am never satisfied with the colour or the layout style, but this is one real awesome blog template i came across and now i am totally in love with it.

    Meagan says:

    I love this layout. The colors pop! .. and I am all about polka dots. So fall sheek! II always enjoy reading your blog and browsing the websites you have designed, keep up the good work! Since I have only been blogging for about a month, this would really be an awesome way to jump-start my new site!

    ElizabethSheryl says:

    I love the flower and the leaf together, it’s simple yet really pretty (sometimes people go CARAZY with the floral in headers). I also love polka dots, so that always works for me too. You are a great graphic designer, hun!

    lois says:

    OH-EEM-GEE!! It’s SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.! Please pick me, I’m a big fan of DDS as in big big fan!! I LOVE your designs but i cannot afford a custom made yet..so i’m so HOPING and PRAYING you’ll pick me.. please please please.. I’m just a newbie blogger and this design will surely make a BIG BIG traffic on my page!!for sure..

    Pamela says:

    Why would I like a layout? “Because they’re awesome” isn’t enough? Seriously, I love the layouts you guys make; they’re way better than anything I could do and I would love to have an adorable blog. I’d probably post more.

    Oh, and yesterday was my b-day, so it could be like a belated b-day gift. :)

    beth says:

    I love it! My blog has the winter blues in a template form. I could really use a face lift :)

    Betherann says:

    I think all of your designs are fabulous! I love this design because of the different textures and patterns. It feels like something you could almost sink your teeth into! Which, given the crunchiness of autumn leaves, the crispness of fall air, and the delicious tang of October bonfire smoke, is important in a seasonal layout. My blog could also use a little sprucing up, and since its one-year birthday (or should it be anniversary?) is coming up at the end of this month, an autumn-themed template would be perfect.

    Keep up the great work!

    DeeDee says:

    I absolutely adore this new template and would wear it proudly =) Here is a link to my post!

    I have been thinking of a makeover over at my blog.

    Love your design work.

    kufishy says:

    I have been researching and wanting to start a blog for the longest time, but want a wonderful design to really set it off. I am in love with everything you design and I especially love the seasonal template!

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Kelly says:


    Shazoor says:

    this is a very beautiful design

    Jessica Lynne Stuart says:

    It’s really cute, and really unique.
    All the layouts ive tried for my blog, and they dont work for me. Your’s are really cute and one of kind, if only I had a credit card to purchase one. I just started my blog, and its a work in progress.
    I would love to sport this layout from you guys..
    Your designs are beautiful.

    Mimi says:

    Lovely template for fall and will fit perfectly with the “feel” of my family blog.

    Girly Universe says:

    That’s a really cute template!

    I want this template because animals are in fall time, and let’s face, my template is horrible nowadays, lol.

    Thank you very much. Good luck to us all.

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