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Posted by DDS on 10 Feb. Categories: Announcements, Freebies 19 Comments

Here we will be offering and showcasing our cute free blogger backgrounds. We have recently converted the famous Lilac Stitch theme that was previously available only for WordPress in a beautiful blogger background. This cute blogger template is now available for download for free, for the joy of all our blogspot fans!

Many of you have requested this conversion and we’ve finally found some time to work on it. Please let us know if you’re using this template by posting a comment on this post or by following us on Facebook, we want to see Lilac Stitch in action in your blogs!

Here’s a snapshot of the brand new Blogger version of this beautiful layout:

Free blogger backgrounds

And here’s a demo site. Grab your own copy here: LilacStitchBlogger.zip

Our other wonderful free blogger background is called Subtle Stripes, here’s a snapshot of this famous, simple but cute template for blogger:

free blogger backgrounds - subtle stripes

Download it: subtlestripes.zip & Enjoy!! In case you need any assistance, visit our instructions page for help with the installation.

Don’t forget to visit our product page to view our other cute premade blog templates

19 Responses to “Free Blogger Backgrounds”
    Genevieve says:

    I’m using Lilac Stitch :) I’ve customised it and love it! Thanks.

    Yasmin says:

    Hi, I might sound like a complete idiot but I’ve never used Zip files before. How does this work!?

    DDS says:

    Hi! You just need to extract the .zip file on your computer. You’ll then find a “readme” file with instructions. Further instructions are here: http://deliciousdesignstudio.com/installing-premades

    Jamie B says:

    Love this freebie! Thank you for making it for blogger!! I have a question regarding the links across the top here the home link currently is. How do I add to those?

    thanks so much

    Biha says:

    Hey , I like this very Much :DD

    seny says:

    Thanks you! I’m using it now and loving it!

    aina says:

    love it so much :)

    Boo says:

    Hi, I’m using subtle stripes but I’m not sure how to reply to comments using it as there’s no ‘reply’ button. >__<

    This might sound really stupid haha.
    Could you please help me out?

    Caitie says:

    Hi! I’ve been trying to download subtle stripes, but there is something I’m probably doing wrong, because when I click upload I get this message:

    “We were unable to save your template.Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    Content is not allowed in prolog.”

    If I could get some help and figure this out I would be so appreciative! Thanks!

    DDS says:

    Hi Caitie, I’ve sent you an email. I’ll help you to install the template. Thanks-

    Melody says:

    Hi, I’m using subtle stripes. Tnks! ♥

    Julia S says:

    Hi hoping you can help! Just downloaded the lilac stitch download however I do not see the option to just add the lilac background to my blog. It’s as if that element in the download is missing. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

    DDS says:

    Hi Julia! You can find the image that was used for the background here: http://tinyurl.com/77vumho
    If you need any help to use it as a background for your current template, please drop me a line via email.

    nurika says:

    hi, thank u so much for sharing !
    I’m using Lilac Stitch and loving it so much ~
    just one question tho, why does my tittle doesnt appear like the preview ..?
    I wish it looks exactly like the preview, did I have to edit something ?

    Kimberly says:

    Hello, I really like the Subtle Stripes background , but I’m not being able to install it or make it work at all. I followed the instructions but maybe I’m missing something- would anyone care to help? I would really appreciate it! Thanks :”)

    Lena says:

    I downloaded your subtlestripes template but unfortunately there is no title and also the description of my blog is not shown.
    Can you help me please?

    deanfu says:

    great freebie, great site! :) find this perfect for my upcoming personal blog. just had a problem on adding links aside from the ‘home’ button on top. how am i supposed to add more pages? hmm similar concern with Jamie B. :D

    you may respond here or thru my email :)

    hope to hear from you asap :) thank you and God bless!

    Jess Wain says:

    I’ve been trying to download Subtle Stripes and it has came up with:

    “We were unable to save your template.Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    Content is not allowed in prolog.”

    Can you help?

    DDS says:

    To add new items in the nav bar you need to add new links: Go to Design or Template – Edit html, then in the template window identify the following bit of code:

    <div id='menu'>
    <li class='current_page_item'><a href='http://YOURBLOGNAME.blogspot.com/' rel="nofollow">Home</a></li>

    And basically, following the same format, you need to add a new line of the highlighted text above for each item before the “” tag.
    Then preview the template to see if it’s been added correctly. And save. (Of course replace the URL with your actual URL.


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