Please Take Our Advice!
Posted by DDS on 10 Sep. Categories: Blog Posts, Useful Tools 8 Comments

Back up your blog and back up often! With most blog platforms, you can just export your blog at any time and save it in a folder so that you will always have your entries, comments, etc. I don’t know how many e-mails I get a week from people saying “Help! My blog got erased” only to find out that they never backed up their blog.

As soon as you read this.. export your blog and save it to a folder on your computer so you can rest easier :)

8 Responses to “Please Take Our Advice!”
    Jamie says:

    I backup my blog at least every other month. You can never be to careful! :)

    Upgrading still makes me anxious though haha

    Angela says:

    Good advice! Making a back-up of your published images is also a good idea. It saves so much hassle if you manage to do something spectacularly bad!

    Jessi says:

    So, I’m a little internet challenged… how exactly do I export my blog?
    Thanks! :)

    Mash says:

    same as Jessi, I also don’t know how to do backup for my blog…can any kind soul advise how do we do it?

    X says:

    I’m with them. How about a blog post about how to back up your blog?

    Giovanna Diaries says:

    Great advice. Never thought to do that! Going to do it right now…….

    Giovanna Diaries says:

    Never mind. Blogger does not download or export for backups!
    Well, guess I better cross my fingers.

    Catherine says:

    Blogger has a “draft” option (guess its like a beta?) (http://draft.blogger.com/home) which does have an export function (settings – basic – blog tools – export).

    Sadly some of the content in the gadgets you are using does not get exported as I discovered after playing around with my template – and even though I backed everything up (template and blog) and never applied the changes (preview only) all the links in my blog-roll were gone! Sad but true!

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