The scoop, from the client’s themselves:

Delicious Design studio was patient and professional. They replied to my questions and concerns in a timely manner and were excited to help me create a design that I loved! They always went the extra mile and they directed me to helpful resources for a relatively new blogger. I would definitely use them again! MaryJo @

Delicious Design Studio was amazing to work with! They are so professional and accommodating, and worked so quickly to give me a site I love! Chantel

Delicious Design Studio did a fantastic job with my blog redesign. From the very first moment to the final tweaks, I was involved with the process until we achieved the look I was hoping for. Wonderful service! Annie @

A big thank you to Jess from Delicious Design who did our redesign – this is the second time we have used Jess and we cannot say more good things about her. If you’re looking for a designer who won’t charge you an arm and a leg for a design, we suggest you shoot her an e-mail. She is fab! – Working Girl

I heard about Delicious Design Studio through a friend and was not disappointed! She is super creative, easy to work with, and really understood the direction I wanted to go in for the design of my site. The finished product is better than I could have imagined! – Danielle (Cleveland Stylista)

I was so excited to start a blog to share my love for crafts and creating new items, but creating a website was something I was not prepared for. Thank goodness for Jess @ Delcious Design Studio! DDS helped guide me through both choosing the correct blogging format for my beginner self as well as creating an eye-catching design that perfectly captured all of the things I requested.

In addition to excellent design, as well as convenient and affordable service, DDS has continues to educate its clients. I feel confident that I’ve gone from blog-novice to blog-saavy and will continue to request DDS services for the new blogs I’ve started. – Nikki @ StitchTacSew

“I loved the design Jess had done for one of my friends, so I got her to start working on ideas for mine. She was very patient and let me request changes until I thought it was perfect! DDS is easy to work with and great when you need help conceptualzing an idea for your blog.” – The Manhattan Transfer

Thanks to the help of the wonderful Jess at Delicious Design Studio, who interpreted my incoherent explanations into a design that couldn’t be more me, I have a new home and a new fabulous design. – Susan @ Transient Travels

I have always dreamed of having my own fabulous site, but never really thought I would have the need for it. Well, the need was there and Jess met that need with the most adorable, creative site I could have ever imagined!! She is efficient, hard working, and best of all, supportive. I have asked her a million questions and she has answered them all!! I HIGHLY recommend DDS for everyone. Just being at my new site makes me feel happy and giddy. Yes, I just said giddy!! ~ Kellie ~ of Little Nummies

thank you for my awesome new web design! I love it, its just what I needed and wanted, couldnt have asked for a better page or a better designer! Many years of great work will come to you in this amazing company! – Conor Blue Eyes

i happened to come in contact with Jess of Delicious Design Studio through another blog. i wanted something that fit the personality of my blog a little better. i liked her pre-made templates, but i wanted to pick my own graphic. i have to tell you, i am not an easy customer. i am very indecisive. i know for a designer that can be a big set back in working with someone. Jess was patient with my indecisiveness, and did not say anything when i changed my mind again, after finally making it up. Jess was pure joy to work with and i love the design that she came up with. she is professional. i greatly appreciate Jess and the fine work that she does and would highly recommend her. i’m looking forward to working with her again on my future project. thanks! – you’re AWESOME!!!!” – kuE

“I honestly do not remember under what magical ray I found Jess and Delicious Design Studio, but they were an absolute blessing for my small side business. I was not as jazzed about my business and felt that we really needed a website before we advertise. I had thrown together the 5 year-old equivalent of a crayon drawing of a website myself using very mediocre software and was very unhappy with it. I really liked Jess’ style and she worked with our budget and preferences and produced EXACTLY what we wanted (a simple, easy to navigate and professional looking website). On top of everything they threw in a couple extras and Jess was always available to answer questions. They really went above and beyond and I highly recommend DDS to anyone!” – Jessie from Nelson Rides

“Jess from Delicious Design Studio is pretty much a goddess, and I highly recommend her for all your design needs. I gave her a little information about myself and my blog, and the colors I wanted to use. Right off the bat, I could tell she had a good feel for my personality. She took all my feedback positively and worked quickly. When I couldn’t decide between two seemingly dissonant elements for my header, Jess tinkered with them and magically made them fit together harmoniously. I’m so happy with it! And Jess is a gem. She’s delightful. So if you’re reading this testimonial and mentally debating whether you should have Jess design for you, do it! You’ll be excited to visit your own page (I am massively obsessed with my new header, and have been returning to my own blog every 15 minutes just to admire it.). Trust me. She’ll rock your socks off.”
- Angelaboration

“Working with Jess was a great experience. She helped me take what was a bunch of ideas in my head, and form them into a really awesome design that fits me perfectly. She was efficient and easy to talk to. And best of all, she offered great support both through the design AND after. I am very pleased with my site and her design and would recommend her to anyone.”
- Diary of a Modern Matriarch

“I love, love, love my blog design! I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for a custom design, and I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to communicate what I wanted. And honestly, I had no idea where to even start with a design. Jess led me through the whole process and was a joy to work with. She took my incoherent ramblings and turned them into a design that I absolutely love. (Have I mentioned how much I love my design? No? I LOVE it!) It makes me happy every time I see the site. Thanks Jess!”
- Burned Bits

I argued with myself for almost two years about whether or not I should get a customized template. Seriously years. After seeing Jess’ work on some of my friends blogs, I finally decided to bite the bullet and e-mail her about sprucing up my site. Thank goodness I did. Jess was very attentive and listened to all of my wants and needs for the design. She is a total genius! I couldn’t be happier with the final product! It is professional and truly more than I could have asked for. And its a real ego booster too… you wouldn’t believe the amount of compliments I get in my comments about the design. Thanks Delicious Design Studio!!”
- WTF Have I Done?

“I cannot say how much I enjoyed working with Delicious Design Studio and Jess! She is incredibly patient, explaining things to me or listening to my millions of ideas and just calmly weeding out the bad ones (thanks Jess!!), and took a vague idea I had and made it gorgeous!! She is super easy to work with, creates beautiful layouts and headers, and has made me love blogging even more!! I will definitely be using her services again in the future! Highly recommended – you will NOT regret it!”
- Jess Loves NYC

“Choosing to work with Jess and Delicious Design Studio was a no-brainer. Every blog that I saw and adored all had the signature cupcake emblem with her link. Of course, I knew if I ever wanted a new design I would go to Jess. When I did contact her she was so quick to respond every single time. I love that she took as much or as little input as I wanted to offer. I feel I wasn’t able to offer many specifics on what I wanted but the few ideas that I did give her she took and ran with them. She came up with a design that is simply me. She is super talented and excellent to work with. She had my design ready within a week for previewing and when I got back to her to tell her to install I was up and running with a new design within the hour. Jess has shown professionalism, creativity, and talent in every aspect, and I will be back for more additions when I am ready for a new look! Thanks so much Jess!”
- [A]Tippical Thoughts

“I came to Delicious Design Studio in search of a design that was completely customized to my style and personality. I gave Jess a ton of unorganized idea fragments to work with, and somehow she managed to work her magic and turn them into something more amazing that what I’d even imagined! She was a dream to work with and went to great lengths to make sure my design was perfect for me. I couldn’t be happier with my experience.”
- Crafty Precious (has launched new site since testimonial)

“I’m pretty much in love with the way my site looks. The whole redesigning was such a fast and simple process and you were enthusiastic and helpful, and I can’t say enough nice things about it. I’m so excited to go post now, because I have this beautiful site to look at.”
- Big Time Fancy

“Jessica is a very talented graphic artist. I gave her some random thoughts and she pulled them all together in a cohesive design that’s more me than I ever could have created. I had looked into other blog designers, but what attracted me to Delicious Design Studio is the breadth of Jessica work. No cookie cutter design here. Jessica has no niche. She can do it all. She literally makes your blog more you.”
- Knitty Mcgillicutty

“Working with Delicious Design Studio on my blog design was worth every penny (and it costs very few pennies, indeed)! My design encompassed all five hundred and thirteen of the very specific, very exact details I sent to Jess in several tedious e-mails and to my own surprise and excitement, still got delivered to me in well under a week’s time. I even got my own little blog graphic who looks like me…but fifty times better! My blog design is exactly what the blogger ordered and I often go look at my own site, not to read my ramblings or even post something new, but just to gaze at the loveliness that is now my blog. Thanks for making my ugly stepsister of a blog one of the fairest ones of all :)”
- Splendid Really!

“Great work, not to mention fast and reliable. All of my needs were met way ahead of schedule, I couldn’t be happier.”
- Ed Shoots

“Working with Jess was so fun! She’s enthusiastic and detail oriented, and I’m so excited about my new blog design. Thank you, Jess, for listening to my ideas and taking them to the next level to create a blog that is SO me”.
- Clever Girl Goes Blog

“Credit must be given to Jess and Delicious Design Studio for this gorgeous layout. She peeked into the mess of my ideas and, using pictures I had enjoyed, gave me this blog. I highly recommend all bloggers to give her a shout if you’re interested in getting a blog that matches your personality more than any free template you’ll find out there. Her prices are nothing compared to the product you’re getting in return. It’s cute, it’s unique, it’s you down to the tiniest detail, be it a greyhound in the header or a little olive. Thanks again, Jess! <3″
- Mediterranean Miss

“You are a pleasure to work with. You incorporated all my ideas into the design and did a great job of translating it to the final product. I am a completely satisfied customer. I will highly recommend your work to people who are looking to revamp their blogs. You did a great job of keeping me updated with your progress and deadlines. You were even able to move up my deadline! The design you came up with will “grow” with my daughter for years to come!”
- Watch Eva Grow

“I was introduced to Delicious Design Studio from Michelle (Soap Pixie). I was searching for someone to help me with the makeover of my blog. I didn’t want to have to pay tons of money but I also wanted my blog to look good. I was certain I wouldn’t be able to find anyone until I found Delicious Design Studio . Not only does she produce top quality work, she gives you every penny’s worth! She is wonderful to work with and is ever so sweet. Thank you so much for my pretty, new blog!”
- Oats & Honey

“I came across Delicious Design Studio , hoping for some help in creating a beautiful and unique design for my blog. That is exactly what I got. Delicious Design Studio has a high value for creativity, professionalism, and collaboration. She worked with me to create a look that fit me, and I am completely satisfied with the entire process and outcome. Thank you so much for giving my blog a gorgeous new home!”
- The Larissa Monologues

“I desperately wanted a whimsical, fun, and trendy blog makeover and had been searching for that perfect fit blog designer for months, when I came across Delicious Design Studio . I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for more. Jessica is as sweet as the name Cuppycake suggests… she was fun to work with and asked just the right questions to create a “site” to see in no time. She valued my input and worked with me to create a brand new blog that matches my style and personality. She answered all my questions and worked with me until everything was absolutely perfect. I appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail that she put into creating my new space; it is obvious from the quality of her designs that she truly enjoys what she does. I love everything about the design and the compliments I get are all thanks to Jessica. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
- Steady As We Go

“I’m so happy Delicious Design Studio decided to do WordPress blogs! I couldn’t be more happy with my design. I get comments about it ALL the time. Jess is patient, very helpful and incredibly talented. All my future designs will definitely be done by them!”
- Oh How Lovely!

“I had envisioned a new, cute design for my blog but didn’t know where to begin. When I found Delicious Design Studio it was a match made in heaven! She listened to my ideas and came up with the perfect new look. She was professional, easygoing and so fun to work with. I would highly recommend Delicious Design Studio to anyone looking for a delicious blog design!”
- Chickbug

I love the design and you were great to work with. I’m happy to let others know how the experience was! You were able to understand what I wanted and design a site that fits my personality perfectly. Your communication was exceptional, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks!!”
- My Two Princess Girls

Working with Delicious Design Studio was just what my blog needed! I searched the world over for a cute blogger template that was “me”, and everyone I found was just a bit off, or else 10 million people already used it. Delicious Design Studio was able to read my blog, and take my color preferences and develop a site that is the epitome of everything I wanted! They worked with me on my design, the installation, and helped me with any questions I had….all in less than a week!! She is a talented designer, and a real sweetie to boot – most highly recommended! Thanks :)”
- American Girl in Japan

I’ve gotten so many compliments on the new look of my blog. And I just have to thank Delicious Design Studio for her fabulous work. The whole process was so fast, fun and easy! It makes me want to do it again. Thanks again, you’ve made my blog a place I want to be.”
- Crazy Man Jones

I love, love, love my new layout. I get happy to blog more because I know it looks so pretty when it’s posted. I’m amazed at how you channeled what I was thinking into such a fun design, just from a couple questions! I look forward to working with you again :)”
- Autumn Dahlia

I didn’t know what I wanted when I contacted Delicious Design Studio for my very first blog. Delicious Design Studio asked very specific questions in order to get a “feel” for me and the end result was EXACTLY what I would have created myself if I had an artistic or technical bone in my body! She was super-fast and easy to work with. I highly recommend her and Delicious Design Studio to anyone who wants their site to stand out from the rest!”
- The Mommy Esquire Diares