A few reasons why I use G-mail.
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You are looking for an e-mail address. Something easy to use and not very complicated, not to mention free. I’ve tried them all. I had hotmail back in the day, and everyone knows, if you don’t log in within a 30 day period, bye bye e-mail and e-mail address. Hotmail is not very reliable not to mention spam happy. I would not recommend hotmail if you use your e-mail for business.

Yahoo mail, well.. yahoo mail is cool in the fact you can change the color of the background but other than that, it’s just like any other e-mail opp out there. There is nothing special to it. I have had a few of my client’s e-mails (coming from yahoo) end up in my spam folder for no apparent reason.

What do I recommend? Gmail. 100%. Remember when you had to know someone who was using g-mail to be able to sign up? Well the times have changed. You can now go to gmail.com and sign yourself up for a fabulous e-mail address. Everyone is switching over to g-mail and let me tell you why.

The space is incredible. With 7174 MB, how can anyone use up that much space? 9,000 e-mails later, I am still at 12% capacity. Incredible.

The chat feature. Google chat is the best and easiest way to communicate with your e-mail contacts. Anyone who has g-mail can easily be added to your google chat (in the e-mail sidebar) so you can send them a quick hello while logged in to your e-mail. It’s great. I love chatting with my clients and it really comes in handy when I need some information and don’t want to send an e-mail.

Labels. Some were weary at first about not having folders but imagine this, what if you had an e-mail that needed to be in more than one folder at a time? Predicament! With labels, you can label it “Follow up”, “Trip to NYC” and “Reservations” all at once. You can also color coordinate your labels. You can choose different colors for different labels and it makes things THAT much easier to find.

Search. The search feature really helps. Type in someones name and all the e-mails with them will show up. How’s that for folders?

I can’t recommend g-mail enough!

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    Fallon says:

    I love gmail and I recommend it to everyone. I love how organized it has made me and how I can link my various email accounts together. I promise once you join you will never turn back!

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